Symbiosis #17

Symbiosis #17

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Symbiosis, from the greek 'living together', refers to the biological interaction between two different organisms. Suguru Iwasaka's Symbiosis piece is made of glass and stone, a decision by the artist to combine a piece of nature with a man-made creation. The best of both is brought together and the two interact and co-exist in a new form. This piece expresses his fascination for charm and potential of glass material, and his appreciation for Japanese sense of nature.

This piece was made of 4 colours of casted glass and a rock, Suguru found in a mountain in Kyoto. He likes looking for rocks and stones, he can use for his pieces, when he is walking around in a mountain or seaside.

From his respect and appreciation for the nature, which have been making the rock/stone for thousands and millions of years, he always leaves the original shape of the rock/stone as a part of the object. 

20.5cm (h) x 26cm (w) x 8cm (d)

Find out more about Suguru Iwasaka.

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