Mosaic Monyo Hanairi
Mosaic Monyo Hanairi

Mosaic Monyo Hanairi

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This stunning vase, which translates into English as Mosaic patterned with flowers, takes Taizo Yasuda one month to complete. 

What you see on the surface is the pattern revealed by cutting one thousand glass sticks. Yasuda first takes six glass sticks together to create one unit, which he then wraps with clear glass. These units are cut and placed together to form larger blocks. This process is repeated until Yasuda has placed one thousand sticks together to make a single large plate. He then uses glassblowing techniques to transform the flat plate into a vase, before coating it with another layer of clear glass and finalising the shape. 

Yasuda makes large pieces with bright colours that hint at a connection to Venetian glass.

25.5cm (h) x 16cm (w) x 16cm (d)


Find out more about Taizo Yasuda.

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