Lace Monyo Mizusashi
Lace Monyo Mizusashi

Lace Monyo Mizusashi

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The Lace Monyo Mizusashi, or 'lace-patterned water jar', would traditionally be used in a tea ceremony to hold hot water. The Japanese tea ceremony is the ritual of preparing and serving tea, a process which is not about drinking, but about the mindful preparation and the aesthetics of the tableware. Items used in a tea ceremony are carefully chosen and appreciated for their beauty. This jar has been created by first making glass lace rods with the desired floral pattern and then forming the shape by blowing the rods. The jar comes with a lid made of lacquer, a traditional Japanese craft. 

Taizo Yasuda is a member of the Japanese Glass Art Society and exhibits his pieces at the society's biennale exhibitions. The artist works in his personal studio in Toyama, one of the important centres for glass art in Japan.

This product is hand made to order, and may look slightly different from the photos. The item ships in 6-10 weeks.

16.5cm (h) x 17cm (w) x 17cm (d)

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