Keshiki Statuette
Keshiki Statuette

Keshiki Statuette

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Kaori Sakuda’s unique and humorous glass pieces are very popular among young people in Japan. She used casting methods to make these statuettes. The artist wanted to make little figurines which look like they are peacefully praying or gently watching what is around them, inspired by the popular Japanese statues of the Buddhist monk Ojizo-sama. Ojizo-sama is known as the protector of travellers and children, and small statues of Ojizo-sama are found across Japan along roadsides, in temples, and in cemetries.

The price is for one statuette, and includes a wooden box for the piece, ideal for shipping, storing or gifting.

7cm (h) X 5cm (w) X 3cm (d)

Find out more about Kaori Sakuda.

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