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Hitoshizuku, or 'A Drop', by Yusuke Uchida. "A single drop is a round shape of water, but when two drops or more come together, they form a different shape. This piece expresses the tense moment when a drop goes into something else", explains the artist.

To create this piece, Uchida melted glass in a kiln at 1300 degrees Celsius. Tools are used to handle hot glass, which shines a beautiful orange colour at such high temperature. Glass is soft when it is hot, but cools and hardens quickly so it is essential to maintain the correct temperature. The melted glass is rolled at one end of a long stick until it is the desired shape. During the process of rolling the glass, air bubbles accumulate inside and form a pattern.

“Perhaps a bit too dramatic to say, but it is like sealing the air where the piece was born”, says Uchida about his piece. “Sometimes I let the material shape itself like improvisation. A part of the attraction of working with glass is the quick second it takes to make a decision and this type of improvisation”. 


11cm (h) x 12cm (w) x 12cm (d)


Find out more about Yusuke Uchida.

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