Yuko Asakura


Yuko Asakura started glass-making because of her mother, also a glass artist who used to teach classes. And Asakura spent one summer studying at the Pilchuck Glass School, Seattle. Since then she has carried on self-teaching and experimenting with glass. She has perfected the lampworking technique to create her pieces, where hard glass is melted in a flame from a burner. Various shapes are made out of the molten glass using tools and the pieces are then assembled together with thin glass rods.

"I try to express the aerial feeling in my artworks. To me, what I am feeling is important. I would like to create artworks as I follow my heart, free from things around me.", says the artist.

She was awarded the Grand Prize in the general public category at Glass 2015 for her piece titled 'Freezing Point'. In 2018, she was awarded the Japanese Glass Arts Association Award and Visitors’ Choice Award for her piece titled 'Harmony'.



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