Yosuke Otsuki

Yosuke Otsuki was born in Yokohama, Kanagawa prefecture. He completed the Glass Course at the Craft Design Department, Tama Art University, in 1997, and then worked at the Niijima Glass Art Centre. He established his own studio, the Otsuki Glass Studio, in Yokahama in 2004, where he produces art pieces, glassware and lighting. Otsuki creates his unique pieces by a combination of skilled blowing and coldworking techniques, such as cutting.

Otsuki has been an associate member of the Japan Craft Association since 2017. He has held many solo and group exhibitions since 1997 throughout Japan, and is recipient of numerous awards. These include the Grand Prize award at the 40th Kanagawa Art Exhibition in 2004, and an award at the 2018 Japan Glass Exhibition. 



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