Taizo Yasuda

Taizo Yasuda was born in one of Japan’s main port towns, Kobe, where he spent his youth before moving to Toyama at the age of 18 to study glass making at the Toyama Glass Institute. He worked at the Toyama Glass Studio for 3 years before becoming an independent artist. Yasuda is now based at his own studio, in a beautiful 19th century traditional wooden store house located in another port town, Higashi-iwase.

In addition to making traditional Japanese items like sake or tea cups, Yasuda makes large stunning vases with bright colours that hint at a connection to Venetian glass. But unlike European glass pieces, they are created with uneven lines and irregular shapes influenced by nature that surrounds him, and colours inspired by the season.

As well as having a number of exhibitions, he gives demonstrations and lectures on glass making nationally and internationally. His work has won many awards and prizes including Tableware Awards (2013 and 2014) and Art Fair Toyama (2014).

Yasuda explains that in Venice a product is made by multiple people, whereas in Japan one person does everything from start to finish allowing for more control over the final product.



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