Unique Gifts & Packaging

All of our unique art pieces can be sent as a gift. We offer stylish Japanese packaging options and all gifts can be sent with a personalized gift note.

Standard Wrapping

Your gift will be wrapped in tissue paper and adorned with a ribbon.

Wooden Gift Boxes

We also offer wooden gift boxes for purchase.

Japan is a country of formality where presentation is almost as important as the contents. The Japanese paper art of ‘Origami’ is now well-known to non-Japanese, but not many people know that ‘Origami’ is the origin of Japanese wrapping culture. In Japan, beautiful looking packaging demonstrates respect for both the recipient and the contents.

With this Japanese philosophy in mind, and in order to complement your beautiful unique glass pieces, we pay the utmost attention to how items are packaged. Our wooden boxes are specially made out of Japanese paulownia, which is very light and extremely tough. Paulownia is the perfect material to protect contents against humidity as well as pest. It has been used for centuries in Japan for storing kimonos in wardrobes, as well as for storing food, porcelain and incense sticks. 

Whatever the size of your gift, we’ll pack it securely and attach a custom-worded gift note. 



Gift Cards

For those who are struggling to choose the perfect art object, we offer a gift card service. Japanese Glass Gift Cards can be loaded with a round amount starting from £100 and are sent to you by email. Gift cards are valid for 12 months, and can be used to purchase any of the pieces from our store, or to pre-order items from the artists. 


If you have any special gift requests, please email us at support@orderunique.com