Saito Nao

Saito Nao is a glass artist from Osaka who makes delicate networked pieces out of borosilicate glass, which has a high silica content and is very strong. The artist uses thin glass rods which she weaves using a flame for melting and fusing the rods together. She is best known for her woven glass spheres, with skilled patterning and beautiful colour selection. 

"I learnt sculpture at university and started creating glass artworks specialized in spatial design. I established my original technique 'String Work' in which artistic quality and delicacy are added to woven glass. Pieces that are created by extending borosilicate glass and weaving it with patience have breathtaking beauty - they express an elegant view of the world. The theme underlying all my works is 'breathtaking'.", says the artist.

Saito Nao has been selected for a number of awards since 2007, including  the Grand Prize in the Lampwork category of the Exhibition in the Japanese Lampwork Magazine (2015) and the Grand Prize in the Itami city Glass Craft Triennale (2010). She has had her works exhibited in a number of group exhibitions and held a solo exhibition titled 'Take Your Breath Away' in Kyoto in 2015. 


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