Motozo Honmura

Motozo Honmura was born in Tokyo, and graduated from the Oil Painting Course at the Tokyo University of the Arts (1982), where he then completed his doctorate (1988). He then became an assistant on the Oil Painting Course, before relocating to Osaka and becoming first a full-time lecturer, and then Professor, at the Kindai Unversity. 

Honmura creates glass pieces with intricate details, and has merged his interest and experience in painting with glass making. He creates his artworks using kiln-casting and oil painting. Molten glass is poured into a mould in an electric furnace heated at 850℃. The glass is left to cool for several days and then it removed from the mould. The artist then applies oil paint to the surface. 

"I have hopes and fears as I started creating glass artworks. Glass is an unknown material to me and therefore I can discover many things. That is the energy for my creation.", explains the artist.

Honmura has been exhibiting his art for thirty years, and he has held a number of solo and group exhibitions across Japan, as well as in France and Italy. He was commissioned to make several public art pieces, including the mosaic floor and stained glass of the Iwasaki Museum in Kanagawa, a mosaic monument in Shiga, and a mosaic wall of a government building in Miyagi. He is a board member of the Japan Glass Arts Association. 



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