Momoko Ikeda

Momoko Ikeda was born in Osaka, Japan. After studying geography at university she worked for an anthology museum and a travel company, before she got into glass making.

While working for the travel company, Ikeda took a pottery course just as hobby, and then decided she "wanted to use a unique material to make something she likes". She started taking a glass making course in Kyoto, where she decided to pursue glass making more seriously. She graduated from the Toyama Glass Institute in 2014, and completed the Glass Craft Course Seto City Shinseiki Kogeikan in 2016. In Seto she picked up a technique of applying pottery glaze to her glass pieces while they are still hot, which she still carries on using for some of her work today.

"I felt a kind of fear about handling glass at first because it is so hot and changing its shape constantly. I was really struggling to force the material to turn into something I liked. It took time to get to understand the material.", she recalls.

After completing her course in Seto, Ikeda moved back to Toyama and worked at the Toyama Glass Studio, whilst make her own pieces in her spare time. Little by little, Ikeda's fear of glass turned into something of a conversation with the material, which she now deeply appreciates.  

"The best moment in glass making is when I create something as I imagined in my head and when I share the piece with somebody else. I really would like to make pieces that excite me while I work on them. And if my pieces can pass a little of the excitement to other people, I would be very happy.", explains the artist. 

Her pieces are generally more design work rather than simply fine crafting. The concept for the stones on top of the bottles is the journey and destination of each of those stones, which have traveled around mountains and sea. As final resting places for them, Momoko Ikeda has created beds which fit each stone perfectly. The title 'Bottles or Stone Placers' imply that the stones and bottles can be displayed together or separately. Ikeda has specially chosen these stones from the Jade Coast in Toyama, where she loves walking. As the name suggests, people come here to pick up jade. "Everybody looks for jade there, while I am picking up some unique stones. There are variety of stones around the coast and I put those stones in my room and admire them. This is where I got the idea of the stone placing pieces."

The Giraffe-Coloured Rattling Sake Cups have the bottom part intentionally small to make them less stable. The Silver Grey Stones can be used as paper weights, and look like imaginary creatures.  

Momoko Ikeda is one of the newer contemporary Japanese glass artists, and is yet to hold exhibitions. However, pieces by this talented artist can be found at the Toyama Glass Studio shop.




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