Mai Yamamoto

Mai Yamamoto was born in Tokyo. Mai’s passion for glass making led her to travel the world. She has studied in Japan, UK, Turkey and the US, and also did an apprenticeship in Bali.

Yamamoto believes that the main difference between Japanese and European glass art is the Japanese attention to detail, made possible by the mastery of glass making techniques and patience. She explains that in European glass making the emphasis is mainly on emotion and on what an artist wants to do, whereas Japanese glass making is much more about technique and skill. It is for this reason that Japanese artists are able to make precise and tiny objects.

Yamamoto’s art is very much about precision and skill. She makes very delicate objects with intricate and nuanced detail.

Her work is widely exhibited nationally and internationally and has won many prizes and awards including the Stanislav Libensky Award in the Czech Republic (2009) and first prize at the Gendai Art Plaza Award in Tokyo (2009). Her work was added to the public collection at Treasure House at the Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine in Fukuoka prefecture in 2014.




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