Kaoru Morizaki

Kaoru Morizaki graduated from the Glass Course at the Tama Art University in 1989. She later worked at the Azumino Glass Studio in Nagano, before establishing her own studio in 1994. Morizaki initially created her artworks using glassblowing techniques, but now specialises in flamework. She makes glass pieces by melting heat resistant borosilicate glass in a flame from a glass blowing torch and blowing it. Various parts can be put together to create larger pieces by welding them using the flame. 

"Flamework technique is very flexible. It has a delicacy to it enabling very detailed work, and dynamism to create large pieces by putting together different parts. That is very attractive to me.", explains Morizaki.

"The most important thing for me is to create something with my hands and to be deeply involved in a material. I have been conscious of this thought since I was about 15 years old, but I did not have an idea of what particular kind of material it would be. I thought I would enjoy any material. I entered the world of glass art because I enrolled at an art university that had a glass course. It was like an arranged marriage with glass for me.", says the artist. "The attractiveness of glass is the material itself. With its transparency, dynamic process of creation and fluid expression, the material emits power as if it is alive.".

Morizaki has held numerous solo and group exhibitions, and was selected for an Award at the International Exhibition of Glass in Kanazawa (1992), and at the Asahi Modern Craft Exhibition (in 1993, 2000, and 2003). She has lectured at the Tokyo International Institute of Glass Art, the Tama Art University, and at the Aya Glass Studio near Tokyo. 



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