Daisaku Hashimura

Hashimura was born in Tokyo and spent most of his childhood in Mexico, Peru, Spain and Britain. After graduating from the Kawasaki University of Medical Welfare, Hashimura turned to glass making. He worked as an apprentice at the Yokohama Glass and Notojima Glass ateliers where he learned his fundamental glass making techniques. Before he set up his and his wife's own studio, Glass Studio 206 in Yokohama, Hashimura worked for a variety of glass studios, such as K's blowing Glass in Otaru, G Glass verk in Sweden, and Kokonotsuido Suenosato Glass in Yokohama. Hashimura's work is widely exhibited at galleries, department stores and craft fairs throughout Japan.

Hashimura sees differences between European and Japanese styles in the ‘atmosphere’ of an item. His pieces are quiet, calm and detailed, as well as uneven and irregular - just as in nature. Hashimura’s works also display a seasonal consciousness and use of colour. For example, he makes blue coloured pieces in summer. Traditionally in Japan, blue glassware is associated with summer, as it feels cool and looks like water.

Hashimura has developed and mastered a particular technique of burning thin layers of coloured glass onto the surface of his pieces and then scratching away to achieve a Japanese paper-like finish. This technique has been applied to his Haku range of vases, sake pitchers and cups, where haku refers to the thin layer that is applied to the surface of each piece. The artist has also mastered the method of glass making, which produces the appearance of shattered glass and can be seen throughout his Crack collection.





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