Ayano Yoshizumi

Ayano Yoshizumi received her Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Interior, Craft Design at the Musashino Art University in 2014. She completed the Glass Certification Studies Program and won the Glass Art Best Student Prize in 2016 at the Toyama Institute of Glass Art. Ayano uses different types of glass techniques to create her pieces, including glassblowing, kiln-forming, and enameling. Ayano has been selected for a number of awards, and her work has been exhibited internationally, including at the Canberra Glassworks, Australia (2017) and the Toyama Glass Art Museum, Toyama (2017).

Ayano first encountered glass art at university. She was amazed that glass could be used as a medium for artistic expression, and not just for the purpose of making functional glassware, such as tumblers, as she had previously thought. At that point she began to study glass-making techniques, and her interest for glass art has only increased. 

What attracts Ayano to working with glass is the serendipity she finds when she struggles to control the material. Glassblowing especially requires controlling gravity and heat to shape the piece, and Ayano discovers that there are lots of challenges to doing so. "It is absolutely hard, and not easy to control. But therefore I never get bored working with glass.", she says. 




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