Amorphous 18-36

Amorphous 18-36

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Glass is an amorphous solid that does not have a crystalline structure. Molten glass can be shaped using gravity, heat and air, to form fluid shapes. Shohei Yokoyama creates pieces that show soft and fluid movement of glass, which can be achieved with skilled glassmaking technique. To create this piece, Yokoyama first makes a larger shape, and then heats it in the places where he wishes to break it. And then using a metal stick, he breaks the glass, revealing the final form. This method of glassmaking is reflective of the Japanese belief that a broken piece and its imperfection is beautiful.

Shohei Yokoyama has his work exhibited in the permanent collection of the Notojima Glass Museum, Nanao, Japan.

25cm (h) x 35cm (w) x 30cm (d)


Find out more about Shohei Yokoyama.

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